Wednesday, 17 March 2010

You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps

It’s nearing the end of March, the sunlight begins to extend the days, heating can be turned down a notch, as the promise of summer starts to yawn into our psyche. Our brains start to flicker with excitement, heads get giddy, and a peculiar furore takes over. Perhaps I’m speaking for myself here, but isn’t it around late March, early April that things go slightly off kilter, a little mad?

The sales cry ‘March Madness’, a whole day is dedicated to hoaxes and practical jokes with April Fools day; the evidence is there and it seems enough to decree that this is silly season.

So just ask yourself a few questions. Ever eaten a tomato like an apple? Walked into a room and thought, what am I doing here? Rang the doorbell to your own house before letting yourself in? If yes, then we urge you to embrace it, nay encourage you to bring out that wacky side at our next supper club, on the 27th March - themed Lunacy!

Yup, we’ve gone stark raving bonkers, and have created a menu that shows we’re not afraid to fool around. This may be subject to change on the night, which will be slight.

Wild Mushroom Tom Yum Soup

2nd Course:
Fettucine w/ stinging nettles three ways

Main Course:
Rabbit w/ petits pois, cider, lettuce and spiced glazed chicory
(Mad as a march hare? Almost)

Rhubarb Fool with ginger shortbread

Absinthe jelly

So are you a few sandwiches short of a picnic? Then book here and prepare to go crazy!

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