Monday, 14 December 2009

So christmas came and went...

On the 5th December 2009 our doors we're flung open, and a cold breeze momentarily wooshed around our rafters before hot wine, brandy and spices gave it a cuddle and bought the feeling back to cold cheeks. Yup, the first (and you will know us by) the trail of our bread supper club came and went, with a few minor hiccups, but most importantly full bellies, and smiling faces. It was really nice to have Will, Fiona, Jon & Jon, Gabriella, Richard, Llinos, Ela and Anna in our home for a bit of early Christmas cheer.

I think Lauren and I learned a lot from this first outing, firstly...take more pictures! We were so busy getting everything right that we didn't take too many. Big mistake, but there's a few we managed to squeeze in below.

Lauren managed to create a very different take on Christmas decorations and i think some of her creations are really inspirational. Want to know how to make a 7ft Christmas tree entirely out of paper? I'm sure if you dropped us an email Lauren would happily help, even take commissions, but it did involve tireless cutting, folding, sticking, then sticking again countless sheets of paper. This is the result:

It actually lights up too, so we'll post some more pictures of it in all it's glory.

And on the paper theme, we also created around 60 paper folded reindeer and hung them all over our flat.

As for the cooking part, l think everyone had a varying favourites, but the Mushroom and Walnut soup seemed to be the most popular. This was quite a surprise as it has a very distinctive flavour and is certainly kicks a mushroomy punch. Mostly from the soaked porcini mushrooms, which is given a last minute boot by a slug of sherry just before serving.

The venison and chestnut casserole was also heartily chomped down and seconds called for; which may have spoilt a few of the following courses for some, although guest Will had plenty of room and even managed to make a hefty go at the cheese board. Not that we're complaining, it was good to see the food appreciated. Managed to snap a quick before an after shot of the venison sausages we bought from the borough market; just before they were doused in white wine and added to bacon, shallots, mushrooms and chestnuts.

That just about covers the highlights of our first one. Think Lauren and l came out of it fairly unscathed an look forward to doing the next, with improvements. The best thing about this is we're learning as we go along and everyones comments and enjoyment of the first is spurring us on. On that note l would like to thank Fernandez and Leluu for a wonderful night on Friday when l popped in for their Fishy Tales night. The food was great and they even took some time to chat to us and give a few tips, which was really kind. Couldn't recommend a visit their enough.

Look out for our them in January. I have a good idea, and l think we'll have two menus...and the a vote for the most popular.