Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Ocean Commotion, and getting things ship shape.

It could be the rolling waves, or ill winds, that sea [sic] this months supper club announcement coming a little late, so for that may we firstly apologise.

It's around this time, as captain of the TOOB vessel l start to think about things to do with the ocean. Partly because it's my birthday, and although l don't believe in the stars i know that Aquarius and Pisces are vaguely connected to the ocean. It was also, almost a year ago, that l visited a beautiful Welsh village called Tenby and found the following sign, which has supplied this months theme name - Ocean commotion.

Initially, l loved the idea of a landmark having such a funny and intriguing name so i had to snap it. I then proceeded on a voyage of discovery to find out what this mysterious landmark could be. Imagine my disappointment and finding the name belonged to a child's indoor activity centre; l guess not much happens in Tenby. Still, a great name.

Our next supper club is on the 27th February and is themed Ocean commotion, l'm sure you got that already.

So get your sea legs on, shout yo ho ho, and prepare for the romance of the sea to excite the depths of your appetite. The menu may be subject to a few changes as we've not fully tested all of it yet, but it won't be far of the following:

Ocean Commotion Menu

Scallop cream soup w/lime and deep fried chervil

Mussels in a fennel scented broth

Mackerel w/chorizo braised leeks and shallot crisps

Chocolate fondant with salted caramel and malted barley ice cream.

Fisherman's Friend Vodka Cocktail

Fancy taking a deep on our ocean odyssey? Email to make an enquiry.

Just thought we'd add a picture of our practice efforts to warm your cockles, or sea bass...which doesn't have quite the same ring.


  1. Oooof sounds lovely but sadly already have plans for that evening.

    Next, please!

  2. maaaaannnn!!! Really want to come on this night but we can't make it! So gutted! Menu sounds wonderful! Good luck & enjoy! Uyen & Simon xxx